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*NSYNC Interview

interview title: J -14 Magazine Interviews with NSync's Moms!

Interview Date: Unknown
Interview source: By Angelfire

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J-14 interviews with *NSYNC mommies These interviews are from the newest issue of J-14 which are not out to the public yet, only to subscribers.
Phyllis - Joey's mom Joey's mom Phyllis describes Joey's perfect woman as "a plain Jane."
Grinning from ear to ear, a tiny Brooklyn boy with brown curly locks walks over to his mom with his hands behind his back, climbs up onto her lap and unveils a picture frame he made with pieces of pasta glued to it for Mother's Day. Precious, right?
Joey Fatone's mom Phyllis still chuckles about the adorable gesture today. "Joey was a delight and a handful," Phyllis tells J-14. "When he was 13 years old, I caught him kissing a girl, which embarrased all of us. He used to get in trouble for not doing his homework, so I wouldn't let him watch TV. But he was the same person he is now--sweet, understanding and loving."
From the early days when he played with a stuffed monkey, to his teenage years when he was "Mr. Popular" with his buds, Joey always dreamed of breaking into show business, but his mom was "leery about people taking advantage of him and his personal life being invaded."
"The day Joey was born, I realized he was gifted, and today, there are no words to describe the feeling a mom gets when you see your son doing what he loves to do."

Karen - JC's mom If you couldn't find JC as a child, he was either constructing something out of Legos or watching his favorite video, Willow. "He was somewhat quiet around adults, but comfortable with his peers," his mom Karen shares. "JC had a wonderful singing voice and a close-to-perfect ear for music when he was a pre-schooler."
JC's teenage years were kinda awkward, but isn't it that way for every teen? "He went through all of the normal stages of becoming an individual, separate from us in his thinking and interests," Karen reveals. "There were times he hated us and was sure our judgments were way off the mark. About the time *NSYNC was formed, he began to see we sometimes did have valuable insights."
Today, JC appreciates his parents completely, and his mom finds great joy in her 24-year-old son. She even plays the role of protective parent sometimes. "I enjoy hearing him sing and watching him perform. When his schedule has been very hectic, I listen to hear if his voice is stressed."
When JC got involved with The Mickey Mouse Club and *NSYNC, Karen wanted to make sure her son would "always keep his feet on the ground and be aware of what life demands of those outside the spotlight."

Diane - Lance's mom MAMA BASS QUOTES: "To know that millions of people all over the world recognize and love my son is overwhelming." "To me, he'll always be my little boy who used to bring me bugs and flowers and draw me pictures with hearts and dogs."
Gawking at the TV screen, Lance used to watch shows like Fraggle Rock and The Muppet show with his proud papa and clutch a doll he called "Mik Mouse" that he carried with him 24/7, Lances mom reveals. "Lance was such a happy child. He was a little quiet around strangers, but he was quite entertaining with the family. Lance had a big heart and sweet nature then and today.
Even as a kid, the Nsync superstar dreamed of enjoying the limelight, Diane explains. He used to practice little "Shows" with his sister Stacy before sitting his parents down on the sofa to watch their performance.
"Lances personality totally changed whenever he stepped onto a stage, whether at school,church or home," Diane reveals. "We see that same transformation when he hits the stage with Nsync."
Diane describes Lance as "a joy" when he was a teen, an unusual statement for a parent to make. "He liked his family and never went through a rebellious stage. He had so many friends and parties at our house. He was a leader, not a follower, so it was much easier to trust him."
When the green-eyes blonde was recruited for Nsync, Diane admits she was a little apprehensive about how stardom would affect her son. "I told him that I would have no regrets unless it changed him. Lance has somehow been able to keep his feets on the ground in spite of all the pressure," she says. "His beliefs and values have helped him focus on the positive aspects of this business and avoid the negative ones. I do not expect him to be perfect. All I expect him to do is try to stay true to himself."
These days, when lance isn't juggling Nsync, a movie or two businesses, he comes home to escape the celebrity scene. Diane explains: "Coming home is important because I think it keeps him grounded."

Beverly - Chris' mom "Chris was an amazine little boy. He was always moving, always talking. He didn't get into things, but he did demand alot of attention," Chris' mom Beverly tells J-14. "He was a little prankster from the beginning, too. Before he could speak, he growled, hence his nickname 'Tiger Babe.'"
The adorable Mr. Kirkpatrick used to carry around a chest filled with toys, including two of his faves- a brown bear named "Teddy" and a doll composed of sheet scraps he called "Joey." As a tot, he was usually glued to the tube during Sesame Street and The Price is Right, but he also did things other kids didn't do. "When he was two, he could harmonize. By age three, he could create his own harmonies," Beverly says. "He was a very bright child."
Beverly's pride in her "bright and intelligent" son, when he was only a few feet tall, was topped as he grew into an adult. "He's a very gentle, caring person. He tends to put others' needs before his own, and that is evident in his relationship with the guys in the group. He has a kind heart and a valiant spirit. He's a great musician and a phenomenal human power to make his mom feel more at ease. Beverly's husband had just passed away and this was her first Mother's Day without him, so Chris decided to surprise her with a trip to Acapulco. "Even though it was a very lonely time for me, Chris showed how much he cared by just being there."

Lynn - Justin's mom "Sometimes I catch myself saying, 'Dont you have a friend you can tell this to? This is more than I need to know!"
"When Justin was two years old, we were coming home from a bluegrass festival we had attended when Justin's uncle Dennie noticed that he was singing harmony to the song on the radio," Justin's mom Lynn, tells J-14. "Not too many two-year olds sing melody, much less harmony. It was that day that Justins uncle was the first to say, 'He's gonna be a music star someday!'"
Looking back, Lynn now recalls seeing many clues that suggested that her son, who munched on macaroni and cheese and loved watching Inspector Gadget, would be a pop sensation. His favorite toys were musical instruments, especially a plastic toy guitar. He loved to dance to Michael and Janet Jackson videos and would watch them over and over again until he got the choreography perfect. His father and uncle played in a band, so he would attend various concerts and festivals. Lynn remembers: "He was standing as close to the front of the stage as possible, holding his guitar backwards (he mirrored the performers on stage) and looking up at them as if he were in a trance. He would scream bloody murder when we had to drag him away from the stage. I gues it was just a sign!"
Justins parents, especially his mom, realized he was gifted at an early age and is amazed at how much he has accomplished in his young life. "Mothers jusr want their children to be happy and successful and I can truly say that he is both!" Lynn exclaims. "You can see when he's on stage that that is where he belongs. Music is Justin's true calling."
Like every mother, Lynn wants Justin to find a girl that makes him happy and compliments him on every level. "I want Justin to have someone who loves him and tries to understand him. But he also needs someone who will speak up and confront him when they think he's wrong. You need honesty and trust in a special relationship. Justin has always been that 'true blue' type, so it's nice to see him with someone who will be 'true blue' to him, too."
Lynn, of course, is referring to none other than Justin's girlfriend Britney Spears, and shes totally ecstatic that her baby found someone that he can relate to on a daily basis. "We love Brit and we are so happy that he has found someone so special in his life, and someone who treats him like he is so special to her. If they continue to grow together, he may have found his perfect mate."



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